Winzip 10 beta

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winzip10 beta about

Winzip 10 beta (5,281,408 bytes, 5.04 MB) is out and according to their site you get:

  • Two Versions Standard and Professional
  • Explorer style view Navigate your Zip files in the familiar Explorer-style view, making it much easier to work with large, multi-folder archives
  • Improved compression Significantly reduce the size of your Zip files with two new compression methods which can provide greater compression
  • WinZip Job Wizard Automate your repetitive tasks in WinZip 10.0 Pro and easily backup data sets, archive important documents, or distribute information to others. You can even move your valuable data off site by using the included FTP functionality
  • Zip to CD One step Zip file creation and CD burning in WinZip 10.0 Professional

Read more about Winzip 10 beta >> Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!



  1. WinRar και πάλι WinRar..

  2. mu fanike kufo alla to kseperase se taxitita to winrar se maximum sumpiesi .avi arxiou. milame gia diafora 30sec +. ektos kai an to max rar compression pu lei to winzip den ine to idio max me tu winrar.


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