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winzip10 beta about

Winzip 10 beta (5,281,408 bytes, 5.04 MB) is out and according to their site you get:

  • Two Versions Standard and Professional
  • Explorer style view Navigate your Zip files in the familiar Explorer-style view, making it much easier to work with large, multi-folder archives
  • Improved compression Significantly reduce the size of your Zip files with two new compression methods which can provide greater compression
  • WinZip Job Wizard Automate your repetitive tasks in WinZip 10.0 Pro and easily backup data sets, archive important documents, or distribute information to others. You can even move your valuable data off site by using the included FTP functionality
  • Zip to CD One step Zip file creation and CD burning in WinZip 10.0 Professional

Starting the installation you get the option to install Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Google Desktop Searchno wonder why. Clicking on continue button, you experience nothing more than the typical Winzip installation procedure. At the end, Winzip Quick Pick is loaded and the icon appears at the systray.

winzip 10 beta installation google toolbar and desktop search install

winzip 10 beta new style

The new interface adds and address bar -a la windows explorer- which helps you navigate through the .zip file’s folders, if any. Buttons for moving up one leve, change the item’s display style and chossing and creating a new folder within the archive are found next to the addrees bar. You can switch back to All File (Winzip Style) and File by Folder (Explorer Style) using the View menu or by clicking on the View Style button.

WinZip 10.0 supports two new compression methods within the Zip file format, PPMd and bzip2. These compression methods can provide greater compression and may significantly reduce the size of your Zip files, saving both data transmission time and valuable disk space.

Note: extracting files compressed with PPMd or bzip2 requires a compatible Zip file utility. Currently WinZip 9.0 and 10.0 will process Zip files compressed using the bzip2 method. WinZip 10.0 is required for PPMd-compressed files.

The introduction of the new split options (based on capacity) for creating archives in Zips, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, FAT32 file systems and is a nice touch.

Creating archives is much faster, compared to Winzip 9 and Winrar 3.40 beta 5. We tested on small sized files (less than 1MB) and a 220MB .avi file. Winzip 10 beta was the absolute winner!

winzip 10 beta compression and split archive options

One of the new features in this release is the WinZip Job Wizard, a completely new and powerful productivity and automation tool. The WinZip Job Wizard allows you to create Zip “jobs” that identify the “what, where, when, and how” of virtually any repetitive zipping task. Once you’ve created a job, you can run it as easily as double-clicking an icon on your desktop, or schedule it to run automatically.

You can use WinZip jobs for periodic reporting, off-site storage, daily data backups, and anything else that you do repetitively.

Clicking on the Jobs menu you can Create, Edit and Run your jobs or use the pre-defined jobs for My Documents, My Desktop, My Windows Favorites, My E-mail and all the above. Supported email clients are Outlook and Outlook Express only and only if you keep your mailbox in the default directory but you can edit the options for all those pre-defines jobs and add support for other email clients like Thunderbird.

winzip 10 beta scheduled jobs step 1

Jobs are created in 6 simple steps. At first you specify the directory or file name using either specified (C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\mp3\) or generic (desktopdirectory>\mp3\>) directory names. You can also use filters to include or exclude files and directories.

You move forward by selecting the type of job and you choose between Normal, Update, Full date backup, Differential data backup, Incremental data backup and custom backup. Actually you’re selecting one of the one-click-pre-defined options or you can customize the jobs by resetting the archive bit, replace files etc.

winzip 10 beta jobs step 3

In next step you choose between the available compression methods, setting a password or not, save folder info (none, relative, full) and decide if you want to span and split your archive.

Step 4 is where you name your file, choose your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM write speed, enable logging, decide if you want to save the archive in a sub directory named after the current day, month or user. All changes to directory and file names are displayed in a dynamically updated string called sample name.

After reviewing your job you can specify the schedule and FTP settings, in case you want to upload your file(s). Daily, weekly, monthly is the way to go with 30 minutes step intervals and “run as user” account information (user name and password). In FTP settings you can test the connection and verify connectivity before the actual transfer. Setup your login name and password or leave it blank for anonymous login. Configure the proxy settings and tick to Create the upload folder on the upload site, Overwrite existing files on the upload site, Move local file to recycle bin after upload (pretty handy options!!). Click finish and you’re done!

winzip 10 beta jobs step 6

Winzip 10 beta is nice tool offering more than zip and go functionality, auto update included! The Help button didn’t work in all of the 6-steps-job windows even though Help was availabe by clicking About > Help Contents and Index. Another “issue” was the activation of the beta. According to the email sent we had to:

      Step 3. In the registration dialog enter your name and copy your activation code : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Step 4. Click OK and on the next registration page enter your email address and other registration information. WinZip will then contact a WinZip Computing server to register your copy of WinZip 10.0 Beta.

Entering the name and activation code worked fine but when clicked on register a new window popped asking for (required to complete the registration) information like, name, email, phone number, country, city, zip etc in order to locate the appropriate server and do the job. We didn’t like that! Winzip 9 beta wasn’t like that! We’re getting a bit personal don’t you think Vector Capital?

Yeah, we know there’re better, free, tools out there.



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