Web 2.0 is not dead, is only the broadband of us (why i disagree with Arrington)

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 10-10-2008 • AT 8:07 pm • 8 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ

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Arrington blogged today about the end of the web 2.0 era. Read his fine piece about An Ignoble But Much Needed End To Web 2.0, Marked By A Party In Cyprus and come back to argue my point of view: Web 2.0 is an adolescent bitch. Sure, last couple of years have been totally crazy and hyped but all that information, data and user generated content pretty much created and consumed by the early adopters along with the Tim O’Reillys, Scobles and Kevin’s Roses of the tubes. For all these people Web 2.0 is so dead by now as is Web 3.0 and Baron Harkonen in the Dune series. As of lately, Web 2.0 it’s been a high maintenance bitch to all these people on all these different social networking service sites, blogging and microblogging platforms etc.

Yes, a bitch but an adolescent one. Currently, only 21.9% of the world’s population or 1,46 billion people are internet users with 59.9% of EU or 293M, 19% of China or 253M, 71.4% of US or 215M. According to The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the total number of US broadband subscribers till December 2007 was 70M or almost 3 times less than all US internet users. No broadband, no Web 2.0 for the YouTube video love or the Flickr photo affection. Simply put, Web 2.0 is PYT for the majority of people out there.

Sure, it’s going to take a while for us to “get to Matrix-style virtual reality, the Singularity, and mobile phones with batteries that last a whole day” but until then Web 2.0 is only the broadband part for a few of us. Watch the video “Web 2.0… The Machine is Us/ing Us” by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State University.

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  1. You have a point Stefanos. But I think that Web 2.0 ain’t a hype etc, but a pure evolution in terms of technical progress. AJAX, JS, Php and many others developed so damn good so they are “musts” for any Web 2.0 app. APIs as well.

    The other part is users. We, users of this Web 2.0, became more mature than the older Web 1.0 era. And all this user generated content and in general all of our content (personal information, tags, photos, posts, thoughts, ideas etc etc) ain’t simply die. I think it’s possible to implement it in the possible next Web era, when it comes.

    Concluding, I am a strong supporter of Web 2.0, the Cloud and everything related to the Web development and progress. Web 2.0 was just the natural evolution of internet/web. And Web 3.0 will be the next one. Although Web 2.0 is used for marketing too, I think it’s mainly the progress we made.

  2. Apostolos, Web 2.0 on one hand is nothing more than a short description of emerged technologies, glossy graphics, Web UI advancement , programming methodologies like AJAX etc. On the other hand is an idea of the next big internet thing, the internet revolution etc. I don’t believe any of those is dead yet. Till we see stable mature code for Geolocation aware apps integrated in cell phone browser running on fuel cells web 2.0 would be around with The Cloud supporting it and broadband us blogging about it.

  3. I totally agree with your last sentence! Totally! And I think you gave a better description of what Web 2.0 is, than me. Couldn’t agree more! :-)

  4. What a stupid post by Arrington
    Or we accept that is Web 2.0 is just a marketing buzzword either Flickr, Facebook, Google Maps should have stopped functiioning…

    Come on Arrington, nothing dies on the net except if you shutdown now -h or /etc/init.d/httpd stop

  5. PanosJee, i don’t think Mike’s post was stupid at all. He’s not a mainstream user, on the contrary he’s a tech savvy power user (if that description even exist) tired of all the hype and web 2.0 buzz. He was there before day 1. There’s no bling bling anymore

  6. I think the title was there to impress. The truth is that the last wave of apps is over
    We have everything there no more apps to handle photos, statuses, messages, calendars, todos are needed
    In that sense yes the Web 2.0 is not dead but saturated maybe but still exists
    Now we need apps that speak to other apps and sync with the desktop, we need seamless integration of all profiles that we have aka data portability and some AI to come in, tagging was a remedy for the failure of automatic sorting now we have to bring the real CS staff
    In that sense we are soon to experience the Web 3.0 if you want to name it like that, but nothing dies

  7. Interesting idea. Is there even a definition of the web 3.0. Who knows what the next mass perceived stable version will be like. Yes, we can see the “mobile – geo conscious web” over at the horizon and kudos for the seamless interoperability vision. But when you get huge players battling out their own proprietary version (see Iphone(apple) vs Google vs microsoft) and the devices that are going to make it happen, i think a little more macro wikinomics are going to have to get into play.
    Kudos for the blog titanas, it is an essential part of my google reader gadget -rss extravaganza. That’s was so web 1.5 wasn’t it? ;)

  8. Yannis, chip advancement will play a huge role in mobile devices. GPS power consumption needs to go down down down along with 3G and/or WiFi. Downturn in economy doesn’t help chip companies to spend more on R&D and build new fabs. It will take some time to see the mobile – geo conscious web with enough battery life for phones calls over high speed cellular networks


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