A video visit to Aristotle’s school in Naoussa, Greece

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 31-12-2006 • AT 9:07 pm • 2 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ


Aristotle’s school was founded in an area called Isvoria*, approximately 30min walk away from Naoussa city center. It’s the place where Aristotle and his student Alexander the Great discussed about ethics, politics and philosophy.

The day was sunny and i was lucky enough to visit Aristotle’s school this time of the year with the weather being unusually but pleasantly warm. Although there were a couple of icy slippery spots along the walking path, I made it till the end of it and grabbed the chance to get into the two caves.

You can download the 7min 40sec video from my visit to Aristotle’s school in Naoussa, Greece. I speak Greek but the video is subtitled in English.

downloadDownload Aristotle’s school in Naoussa, Greece video

[640×480 | XviD | High Quality | 52.7 MB]

If you can’t watch the video, download the XviD codec for Windows and Mac. It’s FREE, it’s SAFE for work and it’s just a video codec!

Isvoria: Pronounced ish-vo-r-eh-ah, the name has its origin to a local Greek word which describes the water coming out of the earth

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  1. Yeah it was very nice to be there. I was lucky enough the weather was nice too. I’m planning to visit this area soon and come back with more info.

  2. ΠΟΛΥ ΩΡΑΙΑ!!!!!!


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