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Tara Helfer unlike her sister, prefers to stay behind the scenes but she helps Tricia managing her website, the online shop and charity. Whether a Cylon relative can be evil or not, is up to you to find out reading the rest of this post. To my eyes, Tara combines the best of both worlds.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I am the youngest of four daughters, so I am Tricia’s only younger sister. I would consider Tricia one of my best friends. I deeply respect her and we have a very strong, honest relationship.

I try to help her out as much as possible when it comes to managing her website. Of course Tricia signs all the products and answers all the chat questions herself, and the webmaster designs the website and takes care of all the technical aspects. However, the webmaster has granted me access to most of the website so I handle all the daily updates as well as all of the shop transactions.

As for my profession, after university I spent three years in Japan teaching English and just returned to Canada last summer where I am currently working as an ESL conversation teacher, but hope to begin building a career in one of the local art galleries. I first began helping Tricia with the website last summer when I returned to Canada.

tricia tara helfer kitties

I have two rescued cats of my own, so animal charity is close to my own heart as well. In fact, my cat, Tama-chan, is the kitten on the right in the shop section. That picture was taken when I first found her abandoned, malnourished and diseased, wandering through a rice field in Japan.

Are you into modelling or TV as well?


Tell me a little bit about those online auctions on ebay. Who’s idea was?

The eBay auctions were a collaborative idea. Since we have a limited supply of the BSG DVD box sets, we decided to auction them off to get the most possible for charity. Our shop section is not set up with auction capabilities, so we decided to use eBay. We also hoped that we would get some cross traffic and bring the website to some regular eBay users who might not have visited Tricia’s website before.

Tricia plays the role of No6, a cylon in the Battlestar Galactica series. She uses cutting edge technology to destroy the human race [grin]. At the same time, out of the studios with the help of cutting edge online technology she and you try to make this world a better place. How cool is that?

Technology is definitely an amazing tool. We often see technology on television used in negative ways, but the Internet is an incredibly vast and impressive tool these days and has remarkable potential if used in positive ways. Tricia’s website was initially set up for directors and producers to view her acting reel. However many fans (especially BSG fans) are very computer savvy and we have found the website to be an ingenious tool for Tricia to stay in touch with her fans.

The shop section was set up as a response to the numerous requests for autographs that Tricia receives. Due to Tricia’s busy work schedule, it is almost impossible for her to respond to these requests, so the shop section offers an organized way for her to respond to her fans requests and help raise money for charities that are important to her.

How’s the response to that charity work? Do you plan to expand?

The response so far has been very positive. People seem to be pleased that they can buy authentic, autographed products and still have their hard earned money go to a good cause. Tricia is planning to make the first shop section donation in the beginning of April. We will post a comment about it in the TBlog, so keep your eyes open for that coming soon.

We are always bouncing around ideas of ways to expand the shop section. Unfortunately, we do not have a large operation so expansion is slow. But we are continually adding more products, so keep checking back with us for new products.

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