Open Letter to KRUPS [updated]


To whom it may concern, I admire the fine German engineering and quality of KRUPS products but most importantly i love coffee. When i had to buy a new coffee machine i had no doubt that KRUPS XP2070 will do the job, in a kind of geeky way with its LCD panel and programmable espresso functions, not to mention the filter coffee options. After 4 or 5 months of operation, the espresso part of the XP2070 started leaking water, thus losing pressure while making espresso. I immediately took the coffee machine to Media Markt service department asking for help. It never crossed my mind that a KRUPS machine will break down that fast, thus i never bothered to keep the receipt and prove the machine is still under warranty. I was ready to trust the XP2070 to Media Markt service department and pay for any service fees applicable in order to have the XP2070 fixed, until the Media Markt employee told me it will take at least 20 days till i get it back. My other option, he said, was to take the XP2070 to one of your officially recognized service stores nearby my location. He was kind enough to give me the address and the phone number of the store "MEGA Service", conveniently located 5min from my place. If only i knew that will be the beginning of a 5 weeks saga, as of this writing, without having XP2070 repaired yet. No need to mention that the "MEGA Service" store is proudly displaying KRUPS logo on its business card, acknowledging they are officially recognized by KRUPS, among other brands, as an after sale service store. The series of incidents of the last 5+ weeks are surreal.

Λίγο espresso στο λογισμικό μου, παρακαλώ


Επισκεύθηκα το Media Markt για να αγοράσω μόνιτορ αλλά κατέληξα να κοιτάζω τις μηχανές espresso μετά την απογοήτευση από την μικρή ποικιλία μοντέλων και brand names. Για την μηχανή espresso ήμουν απόλυτος. Ήθελα να ξοδέψω μέχρι 150euro; και το brand name να έχει Γερμανική καταγωγή. Κατα τύχη συνάντησα ένα ράφι με προϊόντα της Krups αλλά ένιωσα χαμένος. Αναζήτησα βοήθεια και βρέθηκα δίπλα σε μια εξαιρετικά πρόθυμη και χαρούμενη πωλήτρια. Τελικά κατέληξα στις μηχανές που βλέπετε στην φωτογραφία. Το κόστος ήταν και στις δύο περιπτώσεις μέσα στο όριο που είχα θέσει. Το design της Krups Espresso Machine (αριστερά) δεν με εντυπωσίασε και ο όγκος μου φάνηκε μεγάλος. Αντίθετα η Krups Nespresso Essenza Programatic (δεξιά) ήταν σαφώς μικρότερη, με φοβερό design αλλά απουσίαζε η έξοδος ατμού.


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