podcast 3 (beta)

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 10-12-2006 • AT 3:36 pm • 6 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ


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Show notes:


downloadDownload podcast 3 (beta) [5.04MB] Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


  1. μήπως έχεις κάποιο φιντ μόνο για το ποντκαστ;

  2. Δυστυχώς όχι ακόμα.

  3. interesting podcast…more personal than b4…:)

  4. Thanks man. I hope the sound quality was better than before.

  5. My suggestions:

    1) 10% uplift of the mic volume against music.
    2) slower commentary. Pace was very fast, but due to nature of topics & feelings it is understood.
    3) choise of music is very good. Need to sort the crossover from 1 tune to other. there is a Gap for 10-15 secs.

    Other than that…good work..and let’s see that new theme ! :)

  6. Hey,

    Thanks for you feedback guys. I’ll get that into consideration for the next one.


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