N810 Maemo OTA updates is 3 clicks to heaven

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 22-09-2008 • AT 1:47 pm • 3 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ
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Maemo OS2008 Diablo OTA update

The latest Maemo builds (code named Diablo) offer OTA updates for the OS2008 and the installed applications. It doesn’t have to be rocket science anymore when you update your Nokia N810 or any other tablet. You’re only 3 clicks away from totally happiness and coolness every tablet geek ever imagined.

Maemo automatically checks for updates when is connected to the internet. If a new version of the OS2008 or third party software is available, a cute orange exclamation mark starts blinking. You click on it and a summary of what the update is all about pops up. Click on Install updates via Application Manager and you’re done. Smart, simple, elegant OS and application updates in your fingerprints. Check the screenshots after the jump. I’m currently running Maemo 4.2008.30-2 on a Nokia N810.

Maemo OS2008 Diablo OTA update

Maemo OS2008 Diablo OTA update

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  1. Ομορφο το Ν810 αλλά λυπάμαι που δεν το βλέπουμε να έχει ελληνικά στα screenshots…πάντως βασισμένο στο Λίνουξ τα καταφέρνει περίφημα…


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