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I first heard of GeekBrief.TV in Adam’s Curry Daily Source Code podcast and i have to admit i’m already addicted to it. Your fearless leader, Cali Lewis (aka Luria Petrucci) and Neal Campbell are the two people responsible for this great show.

What is this all about you may ask. Well, GeekBrief.TV offers news briefing about the hottest new tech tools and toys in a fresh 3 to 5 minutes podcast delivered to your aggregator 2 to 5 days a week!

Being busy with her day job and shooting new shows, Cali was kind enough to answer my questions. Ladies and gentlemen, get to know GeekBrief.TV

Please tells us a bit about yourself

Neal and I are from Texas. We’ve been married seven years, and we have two Chihuahuas. Neal is creative and comes up with great ideas all the time. I’m very focused and good at business, so I work to make some of his ideas happen. The Cali Lewis you see on Geek Brief is an amalgamation of the two of us.

What is going on GeekBrief.TV?

We released our first show December 23rd. Neither of us had ever done any kind of video production work, on camera or off. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but we were in love with our concept, so we just started. We didn’t expect to get an audience until after we figured out what we were doing, but they came immediately. We had to learn the basics fast. We’re still not even close to where we want to be, so right now we’re just trying to learn as much as we can as fast as we can.

You deliver information via video podcasts rather than audio podcasts. Why?

Video podcasting is where audio podcasting was a little over a year ago, and where blogging was two years ago. When we conceived the show in late November of last year, the only video podcasts we really enjoyed were Tiki Bar TV and We were hungry for more video podcasts so we figured other people were too.

Your show was an instant success leading to bandwidth issues. How easy was for you to move to

Technically, the move to PodShow was very easy. They brought us over during a time when it wasn’t ideal for them to be adding new shows. They worked really hard to get us back up and running, but for us it was painless.

cali lewis neal campbell luria petrucci

What do you think of and the podcasting hype?

Podcasting is possibly the fastest growing new medium in history, so the hype makes sense to us. It’s a revolution that puts information distribution into the hands of anyone who wants to invest some time and effort.

There are several companies operated by great people who are providing great services to podcasters. Libsyn is one of them. But something about PodShow’s mission resonates with us. In trying to understand what they were doing, we didn’t only listen to Daily Source Code, we scoured the Internet to find out what all the principal players in PodShow were saying, from Adam’s partner, Ron Bloom, to the venture capitalist firm, Kleiner Perkins, who provided PodShow’s first round of funding. We appreciate what they’re doing and we’re happy to be a part of the network.

Do you think the and other similar efforts of centralization will help and promote or harm podcasting in the long run?

Bringing people together to form a team with a shared vision and goal is great if the vision and goal is honorable. The various podcast networks can bear some of the burden that makes people want to give up on podcasting. If you’re out there on your own, it can be overwhelming. Having the networks doesn’t prevent anyone from podcasting completely independently if someone wants to go it alone. The networks just make it easier for those of us who want to be part of a team effort.

After a full day at work is podcasting still fun for you? If so, why?

Beyond fun, it’s exhilarating! We wake up early, work on the show, go to work, come home, eat something, work on the show, go to bed, dream about the show all night, wake up and start all over again. It’s fun to create something that delights someone, and starts to get immediate feedback as soon as it’s released.

Your top 3 favorite gadgets and portable music/media players?

Our favorite gadget that we’ve featured on the show is Clocky, just because it was so much fun to see it in action. The gadget that we would most like to own is the Elumens Vision Station from Brief #1. I don’t know if you can call it a gadget, but the piece of equipment that we own that we like best is the iMac G5 because it’s so elegantly designed. We have both a 5th Gen iPod and a Nano, and we like them both equally as PMPs.

Your top 5 podcasts?

Daily Source Code, Stars Hollow Podcast, This Week in Tech, Business Week – The Cutting Edge, and Mobuzz TV.

What should we expect from thew new podcasts? Any sexy and crazy surprises or even schwag? :)

The only thing we can afford to give away for free right now is the show and products that come in for review. If the show makes enough money so we can stop eating Ramen Noodles, then we’ll definitely start giving stuff away. :) Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


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