Little MOO gone crazy

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 04-12-2007 • AT 1:23 am • 6 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ

wrong moo

It took little MOO a bit longer to ship my new MOO MiniCards but i was excited and ready to forget all about the delay when i received the package today. I took some pictures of my new leather MiniCards holder and checked out the cool StickerBook samples that shipped with my order. Before opening the MiniCards’ box i checked the MiniCard which usually resides on the right or left side, under the MOO logo holder that holds the box closed.

My name, destination and quantity looked right on one side. Checking the card’s other side i found out the name, email address, company info, URL and a tag line of someone’s else. I initially thought that this was some kind of promotion on behalf of MOO for new entrepreneurs and bright people. The name was Rolf Skyberg, the company was eBay Inc and the tag line Disruptive Innovator. It all made sense for the promo concept i had in mind, till the moment i opened the box.

It turned out that MOO printed my cards correctly on one side but for some reason Rolf’s details were printed on the other side. I immediately emailed Rolf introducing myself and explaining him that little MOO gone crazy and somehow i had all his details printed on my MOO MiniCards. He replied me very politely and blogged about it. We’re both waiting to see if he will ever get his MiniCards and if those cards will have my contact details printed on his pictures. Funny huh?!?

I’m emailing MOO and trying to figure out what went wrong. Is this a bug or what?

Update Dec 04 2007: Still no word from MOO but I received the MOO MiniCards i ordered in first place.

Update Dec 05 2007: MOO replied saying that they “spotted this error shortly after sending the cards. We quickly reprinted them and reshipped them. They should arrive in the next few days.” The indeed shipped me a box with new cards! Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


  1. ROFL!

  2. Είναι και αυτό μια μορφή Social networking. Διαφωνεί κανείς;! :-)

  3. Ναι είναι bug networking :-)

  4. To periergo stin sigekrimeni eidhsh einai pou merikoi exoun agwnia na doun ti exei ginei? Mipws telika exoume perasei se mia epoxi pou den metra i eidhsh alla to “reality”. Opou “reality” i anagi na mathenei kapoios visitor tis selidas ti kanei o dhmiourgos estw kai an afto den ton afora…?

  5. @aporia: Ακόμα και έτσι να είναι έχεις πάντα το δικαίωμα να μην διαβάζεις το συγκεκριμένο blog, να διαγράψεις το RSS feed κλπ. Είναι μόνο ένα κλικ σαν αυτό στο κουμπί της τηλεόρασης :)

  6. @John Karakatsanis: Για ένα περίεργο λόγο νόμιζα ότι το update είχε βγει αλλά τελικά δεν. Anyway, μου είπαν ότι είδαν το λάθος και έχουν εκτυπώσει νέες κάρτες οι οποίες είναι στον δρόμο. Πραγματικά, μετά από 2 η 3 μέρες έλαβα το πακετάκι μου κανονικά.


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