Linus Torvalds VS Richard Stallman

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 12-09-2007 • AT 11:58 pm • 3 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ
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linus torvalds vs richard stallman

Σε σημερινή συνέντευξη του ο Richard Stallman μιλάει για το παρελθόν και τις επιρροές. Εξηγεί τις διαφορές μεταξύ free software και open source λέγοντας ότι “Free software is a political movement; open source is a development model”. Αν αυτή η δήλωση δεν ήταν αρκετά προκλητική για να διαβάσετε την συνέντευξη τότε θα πρέπει να ρίξετε μια ματιά στο εξής: “The fact that Torvalds says “open source” instead of “free software” shows where he is coming from. I wrote the GNU GPL to defend freedom for all users of all versions of a program. I developed version 3 to do that job better and protect against new threats. Torvalds says he rejects this goal; that’s probably why he doesn’t appreciate GPL version 3. I respect his right to express his views, even though I think they are foolish. However, if you don’t want to lose your freedom, you had better not follow him.”

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  1. na to xaraktiriza emfilio sto xwo tou open(?)-free(?) software?

  2. Ναι κάπως έτσι μπορείς να το πεις. Στη συγκεκριμένη περίπτωση ο Stallman τα λέει μια χαρά

  3. Very nice post , I hope i can see it in english or arabic (why not if possible ;) ,or I’ll translate it )

    please Write it in english to make it readable by lager number of surfers

    It’s subject looks nice

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