Jason Calacanis interview, 14+ quick facts and web predictions

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 21-10-2008 • AT 11:55 pm • ΚΑΝΕΝΑ ΣΧΟΛΙΟ

Jason Calacanis

Meet Jason Calacanis, the man behind the Silicon Alley Reporter in mid 90s, Weblogs Inc parent company of the engadget blogging hall of fame and now Mahalo, the human-powered search engine. Get to know Jason through 14+ quick facts about his web and personal life including favorite books and relaxing destinations, entrepreneurial tips and web predictions.

It was a pleasure meeting Calacanis, a former A-list passionate blogger sharing knowledge and love with, frankly speaking, anyone around him. Enjoy reading after the jump.

Top 3 blogs one should read at least once a week

TechCrunch – techcrunch.com
Marc Andressen – blog.pmarca.com
Robert Scoble – scobleizer.com

Top 3 mistakes you did but never repeated again

1. Not selling my first company for 20 millions (Silicon Alley Reporter)
2. Not taking a year off between companies one and two (Silicon Alley Reporter, Weblogs Inc)
3. Not taking a year off between companies two and three (Weblogs Inc, Mahalo)

Top 3 web predictions for the next 8-12 months

1. Many small web 2.0 companies will shutter
2. Great companies will buy the smaller companies
3. Google will have it’s first product shut down and/or layoffs

Top 3 tips for entrepreneurs

1. Just start
2. Never stop
3. Have fun

Top 3 relaxing destinations

1. Greek Islands
2. Barcelona
3. Kauai Hawaii

Top 3 inspirational books

1. Man search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl
2. Good to Great by Jim Collins
3. Authentic Happiness by Martin E.P. Seligman

Hot web 2.0 sites used in the last 6 months?


Believe in dreams or make them happen?

Make them happen

How many hours do you work a day?

0, my job is 100% play

Hard work, luck or loads of empathy?

Hard work, with a little luck

Favorite QWERTY smartphone?


Favorite food and wine?

Korean BBQ and Veuve Clicquot (but not together)

When do you give up?


Love of your life?

My wife

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