iPhone and Neonode N2 paired

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 18-07-2007 • AT 3:09 pm • 8 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ

iphone neonode n2 together

With the introduction of the much hyped iPhone and Neonode N2, two mobile phones with touch screens and no keyboards some people started writing how the two combat each other. IMHO the devices are completely different which turns a comparison between them meaningless. The iPhone comes with 8GB of memory, no expansion slot and a 3.5-inch screen. On the contrary, Neonode N2 sports no internal memory, a miniSD memory slot and a 2.0-inch screen.

iPhone is as big as 4.5 inches (115 mm) x 2.4 inches (61 mm) x 0.46 inch (11.6 mm) and weights 4.8 ounces (135 grams) when Neonode N2 size is 1.8 inches (47 mm) x 3.0 (77 mm) x 0.5 inches (14.7 mm) approximately 2.11 ounces (60 grams). iPhone menu is standardized and can’t be changed but Neonode N2 menu can. iPhone uses WiFi but N2 doesn’t. iPhone runs a version of OS X but Neonode N2 runs on Windows embedded CE 6.0 Pro. iPhone uses touch screen technology to recognize the gestures but Neonode N2 uses light beams form an invisible grid over the screen for finger location.

iphone neonode n2 together

Not only tech specs are different but the use of concept is much different too. You can watch a whole movie on the iPhone with its big screen. Neonode N2 screen is pleasant for short video clips only. You can’t purchase iPhone without a 2 year AT&T contract and you can’t use it as a phone unlike Neonode N2 which is available without any carrier contract requirements. iPhone applications are at the moment tied to what Apple decides to where Neonode N2 has a more open and flexible support community.

I’m not in favor of any of the two devices. To use / paraphrase Jonathan’s Schwartz words in a recent Scoble interview [I think it was “We almost died”], the iPhone and Neonode N2 made the industry a bit prouder. If you ask me, i’d definitely buy these brilliant mobile phones. N2 is small, sexy and customizable and will be available in Greece in a few days. The iPhone is big, beautiful and feature rich (kind of) but it won’t be available in Greece until January i think.

Thank you Apple, thank you Neonode, thank you hackers!

[Kudos to Stefanos Karagos for the iPhone play time and photos]

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  1. ti egine den doulepse o metafrastis????????????????????

  2. @str1der: My argument is that iPhone and Neonode N2 don’t challenge each other.. they compliment each other.

    OpenMoko is an amazing project. I wish i could find a device. Any thoughts?

  3. refreshing review…and surprising it’s in EN instead of EL.

    Thanks boy

  4. @d3x: There are loads of non Greeks interested about Neonode N2, that’s why the english post. Plus, that was a broad statement i wanted to be heard :)

  5. The hand holding the iphone in this photo reminds me of something ;-) ;-) ;-)

  6. @Titanas: My comment was a positive one, not negative :)

  7. @d3x: Ναι ρε, το ξέρω! Δεν το πήρα στραβά.

  8. PAidia kserei kanei pote akrivws erxetai to i phone ellada???thnx


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