Intel φήμες για νέους επεξεργαστές

by admin • On 18-08-2005 • AT 11:12 pm • 1 ΣΧΟΛΙΟ

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“AT NEXT WEEK’S Intel developer forum, the firm is due to announce a next generation x86 processor core. The current speculation is this new core is going too be based on one of the existing Pentium M cores. I think it’s going to be something completely different.

If it was just a Pentium M variant I don’t think there’d be such a fuss about it. Intel is portraying this as the biggest change since the original P4, yet there have been several new cores introduced since then including the Pentium M itself. No, this change is bigger.

The change is so big in fact, it’s the reason for Apple’s processor switch. Indeed the phrase given when Steve Jobs announced the switch, “performance per watt” is the very same phrase being used by Intel spokesmen.

All we know is it’s going to be a multi-core, it’s also going to be 64 bit and support hyper threading. The problem is trying to do all this at the same isn’t going to reduce power consumption, in fact doing all this means power consumption is more likely to increase.

There are ways to decrease power consumption but many of these seem to have been already used in the Pentium M series, they can go further but IBM has already gone beyond this in the Cell and XBox360’s PowerPC cores. Perhaps Intel is planning something rather more radical.”

Aν οι φήμες είναι βάσιμες η επόμενη εβδομάδα θα μας καλοσωρίσει με μεγάλες αλλαγές στον χώρο των επεξεργαστών από την Intel . Στο επόμενο IDF θα γίνει γνωστό αν η εταιρεία κινηθεί στην “σκιά” της Transmeta (λέγε με crusoe) και της IBM (λέγε με cell) ή θα παρουσιάσει κάτι εντελώς καινούριο. Υπομονή, και ο υπολογιστής θα γίνει λιγότερο ζεστός :-) Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


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