How to import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags to WordPress 2.3

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 22-09-2007 • AT 3:14 am • 10 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ
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Import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags to WordPress 2.3

I bet Matt and the gang work hard to deliver WordPress 2.3 on time. Due to its final release, the latest and greatest WordPress will introduce native support for tags and a built in program to import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags to WordPress 2.3 tags.

There are 5 easy steps to import the UTW tags to WordPress. Click on Manage > Import > Ultimate Tag Warrior.

Step 1 explains that this program imports tags from an existing Ultimate Tag Warrior 3 installation into this blog using the new WordPress native tagging structure. You are warned to backup your database before proceeding!

Step 2 lists all of UTW tags found in the database. If you don’t want to import any of these tags, you should delete them from the UTW tag management page and then re-run the import utility

Step 3 reads the relationships between tags in the database and posts

Step 4 adds tags to posts

Step 5… well there is no step 5. Someone lied about this being a 5-step program! You’re done! Now wasn’t that easy?

If you are the visual kind of geek, click here for an image of all 5 4 easy steps from my test blog running WordPress 2.3 RC1. Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


  1. I’ve tried to do that, but it not works.

    Sorry the bad english;;;

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. During the importation process I’m getting this error:
    “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/richard2/public_html/tikun_olam/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 274”

    Can someone tell me how to change the default time interval to give the process enough time to complete itself?

  4. yes, i’m having the same problem as Richard.. :(

  5. I tried to import tag, but it didn’t work !


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