How Nokia and S60 can save the planet

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 16-10-2008 • AT 3:49 am • 2 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ

nokia connecting people green

There is always a little something that can be done to make things better, smaller and consume less energy. If we’re talking about Nokia with a production of somewhere between 1 to 3 millions mobile phones a day the chance to make a difference is huge. A few suggestions on how Nokia and S60 can save the planet.

Get rid of the CDs. Start using mini CDs to load distribute software or even better load software inside the microSD card. Using mini CDs will reduce the packaging size, thus the materials needed for producing the box. Not to mention more phones shipping around the globe using the same containers and tracks. By the time a smartphone is out an updated version of the Nokia Suite or Nokia update is out there already. Use the absolutely minimum software on the microSD (installers only) cards. People will download the apps or plug the phone on a computer and use it as a disk. Include a 10 steps Quick Start Guide printed inside the box. Make the inner box part of the manual, quick start guide experience.

Increase the price and spend the extra money for reducing C02 emissions, like We:Offset application does. When spending more than €350 for a Nseries multimedia computer, adding an extra €2 on top of it still feels the same. Spend the extra money for planting a tree or somehow reduce the CO2 emissions produced by making the phone. Think We:Offset but offline.

Start building all phones for charging via USB, it’s late 2008 already. USB charging is cool, convenient and doesn’t need a charger (duh!) for sucking extra energy from the power grid. Missing 10min from my laptop’s uptime it’s trivial, plus i can always balance energy loss by reducing laptop’s brightness.

Program S60 to more aggressive power saving profiles by default. When Light times out screen is pretty much useless (anyone out there being able to read the time or see the tiny SMS icon?). Force S60 to Light time-out and Power saver time-out at the same time. Longer battery life most probably means less charging time if not better user experience.

Tweak the hell out of S60 for power saving. Every firmware update coming out promises greater performance, increased battery life and less bugs. Make power management a priority and plan a firmware ahead before releasing a phone. Again, longer battery life probably means less charging time if not better user experience.

Bring up bells and whistles when battery is full. My N82 displays a short message for like 2 seconds (Battery full) when it is fully charged. On the other hand, my N810 running Maemo displays a message until i unplug the charger (something like Battery is full, please unplug the charger to save energy). It’s easy to implement and frankly speaking it gets annoying after a while seeing the message on the screen. Name it warning. Make it annoying (beeping, blinking, something). . Most people don’t like to be annoyed and when they do, most of the times do something about it.

Sure thing, Nokia connects millions of people via S60 and it will continue to do so in a better, more power efficient way. Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


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