How advanced are HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Touch Diamond2?

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 17-02-2009 • AT 8:56 pm • 5 ΣΧΟΛΙΑ

HTC Touch Pro2 vs Touch Pro

The new HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Touch Diamond2 came with new bigger screens, higher capacity batteries and older CPUs than their predecessors the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond. All four smatphones use a CPU from Qualcomm clocked at 528MHz but unless HTC went all wrong with their website specs, the new Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 use old generation Qualcomm chipsets.

The original Touch Pro and Touch Diamond use the Qualcomm® MSM7201A™ 528 MHz but the new Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 use the Qualcomm® MSM7200A™ 528 MHz CPU. Feature wise, both the MSM7201A and the MSM7200A chipsets are identical: ARM9 coprocessor, Embedded QDSP4000 and QDSP5000 DSP (GSM, GPRS/EGPRS Multislot Class 12, EDGE, UMTS/WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, MBMS baseband), Embedded gpsOne GPS module, Qcamera, Qtv, Qcamcorder, Qvideophone.

HTC Touch Diamond2 vs Touch Diamond2

The difference between the MSM7201A (new chipset) and MSM7200A (old chipset) is the manufacturing process. MSM7201A is 65nm chipset while the MSM7200A is manufactured on the 90nm process. HTC uses the newer MSM7201A 65nm chipset in Touch Pro and Touch Diamond. The new Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 user the older MSM7200A 90nm chipset.

What does this mean you might ask. Well, the MSM7201A 65nm chipset requires less power than the MSM7200A 90nm chipset. Unless HTC is totally wrong on the specs, my guess is that MSM7200A 90nm costs less to use because some of its features are disabled and HTC relies on other chipsets for GPS or whatever. The Touch Pro2 has an almost 12.5% bigger screen and 11% more battery juice while the Touch Diamond2 has an almost 12.5% bigger screen and 18% more batter juice. Yet, talking time is still the same.

Why is HTC using the less power efficient MSM7200A 90nm chipset in Touch Pro2 and Touch Diamond2 instead of the previously used MSM7201A 65nm chipset remains to be answered.

HTC Touch Pro2 specs

HTC Touch Diamond2 specs Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!


  1. hm.. interesting.. thanks for posting

  2. Hi,

    this comparison is interesting.
    Unfortunately I found it after a personal comparison with the same conclusions :D

    Anyway MSM7200A is manufactured on the 65nm process. “A” identifies a die shrink (with which 528MHz clock is possible)

    Best Regards

    • The questions still remains, why they’re doing this?

      • Probably MSM7200A is better than MSM7201A: according to the info I was able to find by Google there was a legal litigation between Qualcomm and Broadcom about the use of MSM7200A in USA (MSM7201A should not support 30fps videos). This is what I’ve found.

        Best Regards

      • I thought Qualcomm and Broadcom settled, if not that’s a good reason for HTC to choose one chipset for the other. Nice one Armando.


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