Gates Foundation + McDonald + Kodak

by Stefanos Kofopoulos • On 16-08-2007 • AT 12:06 pm • 1 ΣΧΟΛΙΟ

fat kid

Το φιλανθρωπικό ίδρυμα του Bill και της Melinda Gates ανακοίνωσε ότι κατέχει 740.000 μετοχές των McDonald’s που αρχικά μπορεί να ακούγεται σαν κάτι σαν συνηθισμένη επένδυση αλλά δεν φαίνεται να ταιριάζει τόσο πολύ με την φιλοσοφία του ιδρύματος. Πώς να εξηγηθεί το ενδιαφέρον για το καλό του κόσμου όταν η μεγαλύτερη αλυσίδα εστιατορίων του πλανήτη παράγει τόσο χάλια φαγητό για τα παιδιά όλου του κόσμου; Όταν λέω χάλια δεν εννοώ γευστικά, εκεί τα πράγματα είναι super, αλλά γεμάτα λιπαρά και δεν ξέρω και τι άλλο.

Εκτός από τα BigMac ποσά που διαχειρίζεται το Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation έγινε γνωστό ότι κατέχει και 2.6 εκατομμύρια μετοχές της Eastman Kodak Co. έτσι για να μπορούν να βγάζουν όλοι χαρούμενες φωτογραγίες όποια στιγμή θελήσουν. Με το όλοι, εννοώ όλοι της οικογένειας Gates και οι εργαζόμενοι στο ίδρυμα.

[via] Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!



    Always a pioneer in his field, theatrical director Leonidas Loizides continues on his quest for excellence. This time he has embarked on the great journey of setting up the theatrical staging of the play ‘The Bacchae’ based on the ancient tragedy by Euripides. A quick glance at the events that have humanity in turmoil will reveal that the great conflict between rationalism and religious instinct leading to a tragic consequence holds as true today as it did at 415 B.C.
    Mrs Marika Thomadaki*(Professor and Dean in the University of Athens) has undertaken the translation and adaptation of the play. It is this particular version that Mr. Loizides is using and it is a perfect marriage to the distinctive and masterly artistry he implements to all his work. In directing the play, his discerning eye turns the stagnant and the stilted into the untarnished and the modern. Thus you are presented with a piece of work which does not need de-coding, one where simplicity reigns but is not simple in itself. The outcome of this is a production with a cast of five actors – all professional, experienced theatre performers-in the roles of Dionysus, Cadmus, Pentheus, Agave and Chorus. The set and props are easily transported, altogether the epitome of minimalisation.
    A further option to this play is that it can be adapted to be performed in English, Modern Greek and Ancient Greek as needed. Moreover, the theatre group consists of the five actors, the director, the technician and the PR manager. Please let us know of the dates when this event can be organized by you after the Christmas holidays and in the early part of 2008.

    However, this journey is one where fellow travellers are not only most welcome but absolutely essential to the success of the undertaking. The aim of this performance is to travel worldwide for intercultural purposes and to further bind the ties with Greece and the Greek community abroad. It is certain that this contemporary version of the tragedy will give new insights to everyone who sees it and especially to students regardless of their field of studies.
    We want to reach universities, colleges and all other educational institutions whose classical studies departments –and not only- should not miss this opportunity to support and sponsor this great endeavour in broadening their students’ horizons. In fact, we aim to become the ‘talk of the campus.’
    So, we thank you in advance and ask for your strong encouragement and generous financial support in helping us with our operating costs which include air travel expenses, board and accommodation.
    For further information, please contact PR manager Cathy Argyriou either by e-mail: or by phone at 0030 6944833747.

    *Mrs Marika Thomadaki is a professor and Dean in the University of Athens. She is also a theatre critic. The Bacchae” is the second play that Leonidas Loizides is staging. He directed her first one as well, “Troades “ whose performance in France by a French-speaking theatre group received wonderful reviews.


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