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The outsourcing of key business functions – from textile production to software – to low cost labour countries is one of the key trends of the past five years. The next wave of outsourcing is starting to take place in the heart of the home market: the market itself is taking over all phases of production, from concept development and design to finished product. The phenomenon of ‘user-driven innovation’ goes beyond do-it-your-selfing, customization, and personalization. It’s no longer a matter of choosing between models – customers are designing the very models they choose.

Κάτι που μου έκανε εντύπωση είναι η αναφορά στην Proctor & Gamble, η οποία ελπίζει το 50% των ιδεών για νέα προϊόντα να προέλθει από τους καταναλωτές των προϊόντων αυτών!

Όλα αυτά στις 20 Απριλίου στην Κοπενχάγη! Βρείτε τώρα τη δουλειά που σας ταιριάζει!



  1. tha eimai ekei…xa xa!

  2. Ελπίζω και εγώ!


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